Sleeping Ostrich

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Packaged in a sturdy handmade box

Size: 14cm long x 8cm wide x 15cm tall

Color: Turqoise
Material: fallen wood / lacquer paint
Country: Malawi

People of the sun

All the sleeping ostriches part of the sample sale, still retain their original character and exemplify the raw talent of our partner carvers. Their imperfections lie in how they were painted, and have some droplets and less smooth surfaces in the inner side of the pot or the back. Artisans were experimenting in using high quality lacquer paint but this takes time to master. By buying this product you not only get to own a unique work of art but you also assist us to further our core mission of revitalizing the artisanal trades of Malawi, and keeping alive our apprenticeship program for artisans.

Each Ostrich has travelled a long way from the African Savanna to get to you and is now eagerly waiting for adoption. Are you ready?