Sustee (M) Aquameter Wasserstandsmesser

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for pots diameter 10.5〜18cm

Size: W10mm×D8mm×H180mm / 5.9g

Color: White
Country: Japan


The first moisture checker with pF indicator for your home.

Suitable for any plant and soil type.

From moth orchids to hydrangea, from roses to herbs and even succulents.It is easy to use for all kinds of plants and soils.

It can be used with potting soil, barkdust, peat moss and hydroponics.

Color change tells you the right time to water. Just stick in and leave in the pot. No batteries needed.

Available in S, M and L to fit different pot sizes.

Small size Sustee for pots diameter 6〜9cm (Pots that can be lifted with one hand.)

Medium size Sustee for pots diameter 10.5〜18cm (Pots that can be lifted with two hands.)

Large size Sustee for pots diameter 18〜36cm (Large pots that can only be lifted with excessive force.)

Environmentally friendly and economical Please use replaceable core refills.

The inner core of SUSTEE is made of natural fibers and can be consumed by microorganisms.
The state of the soil is a factor, but it can be said that the core has to be replaced when it stops turning blue after watering (approximately after 6-9 months).