Roll Bottle Opener

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Size: D7.5 W4.5 cm

Color: Brass
Material: Brass


The Roll Bottle Opener is an unexpected kitchen accent. Cast from solid brass, the opener resembles a wheel, and its function is not immediately clear at first glance. Each section of the wheel, however, is structured as a bottle opener, and can be used for beer and soda bottles. As its name suggests, the Roll can also be rolled across a flat surface, making this accessory one that might stay on a counter or table, rather than being put away in a drawer. The Roll Bottle Opener adds elegant shine to an at-home bar, and makes a thoughtful host or hostess gift.

Quality Bottle Opener: Looking at the roll bottle opener, you’d be much more likely to think it is a piece of decor rather than a bottle opener, thanks to its pretty wheel shape, unconventional for a bottle opener

Solid Brass: roll is cast from solid brass, which gives it a charming and eye-catching finish

Great On Your Bar Cart: Roll is functional décor that will fit tidily on a bar cart and measures 7.5 dia. x 4.5 cm